Adelaide Mitchell

by Rhylan Taylor-Zelaya from Woodbridge, Ontario in Canada

For this project I picked a girl named Adelaide Mitchell as my hero, with no hesitation. She makes you feel good when the days are bad. A few things about her: She is sixteen years old and lives with her mom, dad, older brother, and two dogs. She lives in North Bay, which is four hours away from where I am, so never get to see her until camp in August and October. Addy is the most loving person in the world. She's selfless, cares for everyone and makes them feel included. When there is someone new, she makes them feel a part of the group. She has the kindest heart and the funniest, most confident, nice personality. I have had the honor of knowing her for all these years, and every time I get the chance to see her, she instantly lights up the room. I don't know anyone who wouldn't or doesn't like her. You can tell her anything and she will make you feel heard and not judge you. If you make a stupid decision, Addy is the kind of person you can trust and talk to. She is like my big sister who helps me make the right decision when things get hard and is a shoulder to cry on. Addy has made me the person I am today. She taught me the confidence for volleyball, and I know I want to be just as good as her in volleyball as I grow up and learn more. In conclusion, these are the reasons that Adelaide Mitchell is my hero. 

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