Adolfo Miguel Aguilar

by Jackie Aguilar Ceja from Burley, Idaho in United States

My Hero

134226Adolfo Miguel AguilarJackie Aguilar CejaFor my hero, I decided to chose my dad. My dad is my hero because he does so much for our country, as in he is in the U.S. Army. When he is gone I become a stronger person each day. I will have meltdowns where I cry and miss him. Things do get hard at some points because he is my best friend. He helps me and supports me in every choice I make, even if we are miles away from each other. He always has something that will inspire or motivate me to become the person I choose to be in the future. He always told me to follow your dreams, don't ever give up. Only you can make the choices you make in life, no one can make the choices for you. He does spend much time away from home, but one thing that he never stops saying is, "I will never stop being your dad no matter how far I am from you guys. My force of love for my family is unbreakable and will never be unbroken." I am proud for my dad and what he chose to do for his job. Even if it is hard for me to be away from my dad for at least eight years or six years, I will never be ashamed of people around me saying, "Your dad left you because he doesn't love you." I know why my dad isn't here with me, he risks his life for all the people who have been good or bad to me, even if they don't deserve it, he is still out there. I don't know where his mission takes him, all I can do is pray that god will hear me, protect my dad, and will bring him back to his family safe and sound. My dad is a really big hero to me and in my life he makes me become a stronger daughter, even if at some points I miss my dad and ask myself, "Why out of all the jobs you could get you chose the Army," but, he has his reasons for why he chose the job he decided to take. I respect my dad and the flag; if I ever disrespect the flag or someone else I feel like I am disrespecting my dad. He is doing so much for everyone in this country. When people hear about what my dad does for a living, they start getting respect for me and my family and tell me to thank him for his services. Things change in life. We think we know everyone's story, background, the way they live, and how things are at home, but we really don't know what happens. And when it comes to my dad, he teaches me to have respect for every person. It doesn't matter if they don't have a family member in the Army or have an important job, we all need to respect each person no matter how small or big. My dad is a hero to my country and a hero in my heart, even if I really don't see him. I stand up for the flag and in respect for my dad. I love you dad, thank you for what you do for us.

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