by Jeremiah from United States

  My hero is my Uncle Adrian. Adrian was born in Brooklyn Hospital. He was very small. He was only one pound. Adrian was in the hospital for three months.

  My hero had 8 surgeries, he had club feet and they and they had to reconstruct his feet. He also had  surgeries in his head and got left back in the 2nd grade. Adrian is very brave.

  My hero is in college and is graduating college with an associate degree. He will continue his studies to be a criminal profiler for the FBI. Adrian loves to do boxing and jujitsu, which I can go to, two times a week. He teaches me how to box.

119412these are my favorite times with my Uncle AdrianJeremiah Persaud  My Uncle admires his father or my grandpa. He is his hero because he does work hard and does everything for us.

  He is very close to David and Axl. They like to play video games. They also like to go to movies and dinner.

 My hero's first job was at STOP AND SHOP. He worked at maintenance and to get the shopping carts together. Adrian didn't want to do this for long. He realized how important school is. His most influencial teacher was in 11 grade. It was Psychology, the study of human behavior. His ideal goal was to become a criminal profiler.    

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