Albus Dumbledore

by Francesca from Saint Paul, Minnesota

A hero to me is someone who will help you, who is wise and understanding, who is patient and listens to you.

My hero is Albus Dumbledore because he has all those thing and more. I guess when people think of heroes, they think of Superman, Batman and people like that. But not me. The reason I chose Albus Dumbledore, from the "Harry Potter" books, was because he is willing to give someone a second chance, even though he or she may not deserve it. He is a wizard, but that's not why I chose him. Powers or no powers, he is willing to help people. I guess he's just kind at heart.

For example, he gave the character Severus Snape a chance, even though he was a Death Eater and might still be loyal to that group. Albus Dumbledore believes someone can change and that's why he's my hero.

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