Aerosmith is a band not a person. I know this is suposed to be on a specific person but this is my true hero. The things that this group has gone through over the years is amazing, and to be as popular as they are today. They make some of the greatest music I've ever heard and as a band they have a great attitude.

They are purly awsome. I like almost all their songs. Some of their songs In their heavy drug days wern't very good but the song "SWEET EMOTION" was helped out by drugs and a girl Steve Tyler was begining to dislike. The verse that says "You talk about things that nobody cares" was what was on his mind and that's how it came out.

"WALK THIS WAY" was also helped out by drugs. They had the music but no words. So they got high and went to see the movie in theater "YOUNG FRANKINSTIEN" and Egor said "Walk this way" that was their answer. They were also one of the only bands to write a controversial song on child molestion called "JANIE'S GOT A GUN". So they're a band that cares.

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