Ahmad Mazin Alshugairi

by Nanna Said from Ghardaia in Algeria

Ahmad Mazin Alshugairi
Ahmed al-Shukairy was born on 17 July 1973. In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Ahmed was born to a wealthy family, and thanks to this he completed his studies in the United States. Where he earned an MBA from the University of California. After graduating, he returned to his native Saudi Arabia and performed several charitable projects.

He established a private company ready for business, but its purpose was pure charity. Parallel to this, Ahmed began studying Islamic law. Where his colleague Sheikh Adnan al-Zahrani took part in changing Ahmed's misconception about Islam. He also explained to him the nature of tolerance and openness to Islam, and showed him that all virtuous values ​​that Western societies are trying to spread among their societies are due to Islamic society more than 1000 years ago. .

As a result, Ahmad liked Islam more and decided to revive the Arab and Muslim world with all his might.

Ahmed Shukairy 's Achievements
Ahmed began his first television career in 2002 and took part in a television program called Yala Shabab, which targeted teenagers. The program dealt with research on youth problems and how to deal with them.

Then came the idea of ​​"thoughts", which was the beginning of his fame. Ahmed Al-Shukairi faced some difficulties with MBC channels about broadcasting the "Khawater Shabab" program during the holy month of Ramadan. Ahmed wanted to communicate with young people in modern and practical ways, and urges them to read and read, by highlighting that the first word revealed by God in his dear book on his messenger Muhammad, is the word "read" in Surat Alaq. He was also looking for solutions to common problems prevalent in the Muslim world.

Ahmed Al Shukairi achieved his goal and managed to broadcast his program "Khawater" in the list of Ramadan programs to ensure its spread more among the Arab communities. The program succeeded significantly in the years that followed, and in subsequent sections the program tackled a variety of topics aimed at building a model world of patriotism and brotherhood among Muslims. The program was looking for a suitable way to face the corruption that the Arab world suffers so much.

The goal behind all this was to revive the great civilization of the Muslims and restore their lost glory. Ahmed Al-Shukairi's ideas attracted the minds and interest of the Arab public, and succeeded remarkably on the regional and international levels, until the production of the thoughts of 10 in 2014. A number of the 10 parts were filmed in a number of Arab and Western countries, giving concrete examples of the values ​​and principles it seeks to publish .

As a result of this great work, he was nominated to be the most influential figure in the Arab world. Ahmad Shukairi has a number of television programs such as 'If We Were Among Us'. This program reviews how the Prophet Muhammad was taken as a real example in our daily lives, as well as another program called "Journey" with Sheikh Hamza Yusuf.

In addition to his television programs, Ahmad has written a number of books such as Khawater and My Journey with Gandhi. What is interesting is that Ahmed entered his own company, while the rest of his income (such as television programs, books, etc.) goes to charity.

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