Ahman Rashad Green

by Jeremiah from Concord, NH

Ahman Green, Then And Now
Ahman Green (google images)
Ahman Green (google images)

Ahman Rashad Green was born on the 16th day of a cold Omaha, Nebraska February in 1977. He was named by his mother Ahman Rashad Green after a famous wide receiver known as Ahmad Rashad. The only thing his mother didn’t like was the “D” at the end of the name, she preferred an ”N.” The name Ahman is South African for Prince. He goes by one of two nicknames, “Moni,” or “Batman,” because of his love for the movie.

During his early life, Ahman struggled to keep himself away from injury. One instance was when he was reaching for some silly putty and fell off a ledge. His fall ended with him having a rod stuck in his jaw. Another event that took its toll on his body was when Green was a child in PE class and was racing a friend. He was getting very close to the end of the Gym and “Moni” ran right into the wall. This resulted with him getting a concussion and two broken wrists.

During High School, Ahman Green was successful in sports as well as in the class room. He participated in his main sport, football, for four years, baseball for one year as a Freshman, and 4 years in track. He ran for over 1,000 yards as a Freshman and a Sophomore at North High in Omaha, NE. The following year he moved and went to Central High, also in Omaha, NE, where he ran for a 1000 yards in each of his last two years of high school. “Batman” lettered three years in football, four years in track, and in his one year as a baseball player. Ahman was not only an athlete, but a scholar too. In his high school career, he was a two time academic all-state.

Ahman Green at University of Nebraska (
Ahman Green at University of Nebraska (

“Moni” went to college at the University of Omaha from 1995-1997, where he was a starting running back for three years. He majored in Geography. While playing football in college, Ahman had a total of 3,880 yards, and scored 42 touch downs. He participated in three bowl games where he ran for 300 yards and scored three touch downs. In 1995, “Batman” won the Freshman of the Year award. His junior year was when he went from excellent player, to NFL material. Green had 278 carries for 1,877 yards, averaging 6.8 yards per carry. That year he scored 22 touch downs and earned the “12 Consecutive 100 Yard Games” award. He ran for more than 200 yards two of the games in that season. In 1996 Green was honored as an All-Big 12 Honorable Mention for academics. Green was also a member of the 1997 Nebraska citizenship team.

Ahman Green during 2/3/2004 game  (google images)
Ahman Green during 2/3/2004 game (google images)

After his junior year at university of Omaha, Green made the tough decision to hold off his education and go towards his life-long pursuit in professional football. Before officially leaving, he promised his parents he would finish college. He kept that promise.

During Ahman’s first year in NFL in 1998, he played for the Seattle Seahawks. He was present for all 16 games. In Seattle he had a total of 209 yards on 35 carries and only one touch down. He averaged six yards per carry. In his next season, 1999, at Seattle, he participated in 14 games during the regular season. Unfortunately, “Moni” was injured and did not play in two games. That year, he took part in his first playoff game verses the Dolphins. It was that game he made his mark as the 2nd best rusher on the Seattle Seahawks. That year “Batman” had 818 yards on kick returns with 36 returns, averaging 22.7 yards per return. Before the start of the 2000 season Ahman was traded to the Green Bay Packers. Green started eight games that year as a half back. During that year he rushed for 1,175 yards on 263 carries. Finally in 2001, Ahman hit it big and became the starting half back after the Packers traded Dorsey Levens. He started in all 16 regular season games and started in all of the Packers play offs that year. He had a total of 1,387 yards, with11 touch downs. It was in that year he went to his first Pro Bowl. His second year as a starter with Green Bay, Green played in only 14 games due to an injury. In that year his yardage decreased slightly from the last past year, down to 1,240 yards in 286 carries. He averaged 4.3 yards per carry. In 2003, “Batman” played all of his regular season games and all of the playoff games. In that season, the Packers lost in the NFC semi-finals to the Philadelphia Eagles. Ahman Green continues to play football this year (2004,) for the Packers. During his entire time playing for Green Bay, he has missed only two regular season games out of 48.

Moni’s” personal life focuses on his family and his charitable donations to a number of organizations. He is married to Heather Walters, who has a son, Jared, from a prior relationship. Jared was born on the 16th of January, 2001. From Ahman’s previous marriage, he has a two daughters, Ahmani, born on the 16th of April, 1997, and Myahni, born on the 10th of April of 2002. Green volunteers with the Salvation Army. He also is the founding father of the Ahman Green Foundation for Youth Development. This organization contributes to the Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay, Wisconsin and Girl’s Inc. of Omaha, Nebraska.

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Extra Info


- Ahman Green has an uncle named Michael Green who played for the San Diego Chargers in 1970. He also went to the University of Nebraska, but in 1968, and was the 16 round draft pick.

- Ahman Green has a tatoo of Batman on his leg, due to his love for the movie. He also has an extensive collection of Batman Comic Books and Batman Posters.

- Ahman Green learned how to walk at the age of 6 months old.