Troy Aikman

by Mike from Iowa

Going into the Hall of Fame continues the legacy of the Dallas Cowboys.

“Well it looks like Troy Aikman has led the Cowboys to yet another NFL bowl game victory,” said Fred. “ The Cowboys have played some good games but this was one of there best,” Bill said. “Indeed Bill,” John said rather smartly. Troy Aikman, the star quarterback, along with Emmet Smith led the Cowboys to three stunning NFL Superbowl victories.

Troy Aikman, my favorite football player and sports hero, has had some great accomplishments including he was elected to the Pro Football hall of fame in 2006. In High School he was involved in baseball, football, and the Future Business Leaders of America. Although he was drafted by the New York Mets, Troy Aikman chose to pursue football and attended the University of Oklahoma. Troy transferred over to UCLA and won the 1987 Aloha Bowl and the 1989 Cotton Bowl. Once Aikman was drafted onto the Cowboys he went to four NFL bowl games, they were 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996. He won three of those 1992,1995, and 1996.

Troy was born on Nov 21, 1966 in West Covina California. Aikman married former Dallas Cowboys employee Rhonda Worthey in 2000 after he dated famous country singer Lorrie Morgan. They had two daughters, Jordan and Alexa. Aikman is 41 years old and is still living today.

Here are reasons why Troy Aikman is important to me: he was a very successful quarterback and person, he donated lots of money to charity and Troy Aikman made organizations for kids in hospitals. In these hospitals he paid to have them build fun stations so the patients can watch T.V. or play computer. He also made a partnership with NASCAR, and I’m a big NASCAR fan. The last one is that he made it to the NFL hall of fame.

The impact Troy has made on my life is great because not only do I like football and NASCAR but I also like helping little kids. Here are the things Troy donates to kids in hospitals: pool tables, video games, computers, and craft projects. Also, he is a good person who doesn’t just care about himself. He started Teammates for Kids and Starbright Foundation.

“As you can see from that Tackle from LaVar Arrington, Troy Aikman actually bounced off the turf and left a dent in his helmet,” said John. “That tackle could be hard enough to end Troy’s career, but it seems he’s getting up fine, he just looks a little shaken up,” Fred said, astonished. “All I can say is if it does end his career Troy still had a good career,” said Bill. “Indeed Bill,” John said rather smartly.

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