Aimee Mullins and Oscar Pistorius

by Augustin from France

Inspirational Heroes

Aimee Mullins is an American disabled athlete (she was amputated when she was 1 years old because she had no fibula bone). So she's got blades to run. She became the first amputee to compete against able-bodied athletes. Oscar Pistorious is a South African amputee athlete who won 3 gold medals in the Beijing Paralympics. 

These two athletes are disabled, their handicap was an obstacle for them to run, to do the sport that they like. Instead of crying over their fate they get up and fight their difficulties, they were motivated and they worked very hard in order to run in competition. This is so impressive for me because they  have a big handicap and it could have demotivated them, but with Passion Aimee Mullins and Oscar Pistorious keep believing in their dreams. It shows the strong will-power of these two athletes. This strong will-power is inspirational.

In order to reach their goal Aimee Mullins and Oscar Pistorious worked hard with motivation and persevered, at every moment, they trained very hard.  This is so brave because they needed to go beyond limits. These two athletes are an example for everybody in the earth, no matter how difficult it was to do what they like. Aimee Mullins and Oscar Pistorious trained very hard and persevered to succeed in their goals.

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