Negar Zeinaliyan

by Aysan Hosseinirad from Tehran in Iran

144505My MomA. Jamee

My mother is my hero because my mother is always by my side. Whenever I need her, she always helps me with kindness. She even quit her job because of me, so that she could be with me all the time and teach me life skills. I owe all my success to my mother.

For me, she is a doctor, teacher, nurse, coach, chef, friend, etc. Because she is like a doctor, she takes care of my health and helps me to have a healthy and strong body by providing nutritious food and takes care of me during illness. With waking up at night, she is like a nurse at my bed and checks my body temperature to get me healthy as soon as possible. She is with me like a friend so I do not feel lonely. Like a chef, I have delicious and healthy food, and she teaches me science, knowledge and skills like a full-time teacher.

Although we have been in quarantine for more that a year, I have never felt lonely because I have a mother who is by my side at all times, creating a happy atmosphere by using brain teasers, teaching new skills such as cooking, growing flowers and so on. Plants, yards, sports, dancing, etc, take away the bad feeling and loneliness of quarantine. She is everything to me. 

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