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angelina jolie

by Shantoll from Mass.

Angelina Jolie, in "Alexander"
Angelina Jolie, in "Alexander"

To me, a hero is someone who will do anything to help other people. A hero is someone who cares more about people than money, someone who gives a little to get a lot.

Angelina Jolie is rich and powerful, but she still finds time to help people in need.

Her adopted children are her biggest motivation. She is 30 years old and has done so much with her life. She loves helping people all over the world. I feel like if I were in her shoes, I would not be able to do all things she has done. She loves her kids and her job, but she loves her kids more.

She is ambassador for the United Nations and she became a citizen of Cambodia after she adopted her son from there and for all her charitable donations to that country. She has donated sports equipment to Colombian refugee children in Ecuador, too.

Angelina is loved all over the world. Even though she is an actress, being a mother comes first for her. Angelina is a great mother and loves having an impact on the world every day.

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