Lifesavers Heroes

Alan Beaven

by Ibraheem from Dublin, Ohio in United States

What a hero is to me is an ordinary person who is courageous, and has the strength to do the right thing. They also have to be kind, and never afraid to help someone in need. However, they also have to be selfless, meaning never being greedy, or never keeping too much to themself. Who I think shows all of these qualities is my hero, Alan Beaven.

Alan Beaven was born on October 15, 1952, in Devonport, New Zealand, and died in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Alan was first married to Elizabeth, and had his two children, John and Chris. Later, he was married to Kimi Beaven, and had his third child, Sonali.   

Alan Beaven was a BIG family man, giving up lots for his children. Kimi Beaven, Alan’s wife, once said, “He would do anything for his children. He spent hour after hour reading to Sonali, playing ball with John, and scuba diving with Chris.” That quote shows how selfless Alan is for his children. Another characteristic my hero possesses is bravery.

Alan Beaven showed lots of bravery for not just people who he knew, but for citizens all over the country, on that one day, September 11, 2001. Alan was only one of the many people who helped, including Todd Beamer, William Rodriguez, and many brave first responders. Alan was on a business trip to San Francisco when the terrorists took control of the plane he was on. So Alan and a few others went to the the front of the plane and steered the plane into a field in Pennsylvania, saving many lives that day. Sadly, there were no survivors on Flight 93.

Another personality trait he held was kindness. He was never afraid to help someone and do the right thing. He helped his family, his children, and many others in need. Alan was also an environmental lawyer, showing how much he cared not just about people, but about other problems going on around the world. He was very kind to people around him.

Thank you for reading about Alan Beaven. He will be remembered as many things: a great father, a life saver, a friend, and a hero -- to many, many people.                                                                                                                                                                                                          




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