Alan C.

by Crystal from Calgary, Alberta in Canada

A web (I made it)
A web (I made it)

My hero is Alan C. The reason he’s my hero is because he’s gone through so many things throughout his childhood and is still going through many things now. He’s an amazing individual.

He and his brothers would build many things when they were younger. They still do now, but usually not together. Of course, he lived on a farm/ranch, so he had many materials from which to build. Some of the things used were wood scraps, broken-down cars and machinery, old pipes and metal. He is very creative.

My Father (I drew it)
My Father (I drew it)

Throughout his college and university years, he studied architectural building. He has built our house all by himself, not using hired builders. For a living, he carries out the family tradition: ranching. He likes to ranch, but it sure can be back-breaking and stubborn work. He is very busy.

He is proud of our family. He also has many stories to tell. He's a great example to me and my brothers. I also love him dearly and always will. That’s why my father is my hero.

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