Alassane Pléa

by Raphael Delattre from Gondecourt in France

124476alasanne pleatwitterAlassane Plea was born March 10, 1993 in Lille.

Alassane Plea is a professional footballer. He is 1,80m tall.

The Common Goal project allows professional footballers to donate one percent of their salary to the charity of their choice.

Spanish international donates 80,000 euros a year to charity foundation for disadvantaged young people.

This percentage would be about the sum of 14,000 euros per year.

This player is an example for me because I play football and if I will have to do the same for him I will do it without hesitation.

He is a very good player who does not think about money.

Thanks to him, every morning I get up thinking about this player for what he did.

124478don de alasanne pleaactufootIf I could, I'll do like him.

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