Albert Einstein

by Ritvik Irigireddy from United States

118806Albert Einstein if you were expelled from a school, but ended up being one of the world's greatest genius. Albert Einstein proved many theories that help us without you even knowing them such as, the theory E=mc2 which helped create the atomic bomb. So, without him, the world wouldn't be the same. Despite Albert Einstein being so smart, he also faced many struggles and hardships. Throughout his life, Albert Einstein achieved many major accomplishments showing persistence and being helpful to people to understand his theories.  

Albert Einstein was a genius. Albert Einstein proved many theories like the theory of relativity and E=mc2. Albert Einstein was a professor in Princeton University and when he wasn't teaching, he was working on his theories. Albert Einstein was very good at math and science which helped him later on with his successful theories. Albert Einstein's brain had a larger parietal lobe than the average person by 15%. The parietal lobe is connected to mathematical reasoning and many scientists think that is why Albert Einstein was a genius. 

120119ETH Zurich Albert Einstein faced many struggles and hardships throughout his life. You may know Albert Einstein as a genius but, Albert Einstein struggled in school and he didn't learn how to read until he was 7 years old. Albert Einstein also struggled to find a job after graduation at ETH Zurich which he got in on his second try. He finally got a job in a patent office obtained with the help of his friend's father. Albert Einstein also struggled to get out of Germany because the Nazis targeted Albert Einstein since he was a Jew. Later on, Albert Einstein got a Swiss citizenship and a U.S. Citizenship. 

As a successful philosopher, Albert Einstein had many major accomplishments due to his theories. Albert Einstein's miracle year in 1905 proved four major theories. One of the theories that he proved in his miracle year is, atoms and molecules actually exist. Einstein also invented the general theory of relativity which created GPS technology. He also was awarded the Franklin Medal in 1935 and, the Nobel Prize in Psychics in 1921 for solving the riddle of photoelectric effect by showing that light can also be a particle. 

Albert Einstein showed intellectual courage and also displayed many heroic traits. Albert Einstein had persistence by not giving up on working on his theories. For example, he didn't give up on working on his theory of special relativity when he had "psychic tension". Albert Einstein also was being helpful by sharing his theories with the world and letting them understand his theories. He was brave and courageous by getting out of Nazi Germany to go to America for a better life as a physicist. 

120128Albert Einstein's Famous Quote 

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving," said Albert Einstein. That's what Albert Einstein did. Albert Einstein kept his balance and kept on moving to prove theories that help with a lot of things especially in science. Albert Einstein is a true hero because he never gave up creating theories for the good of all. Albert Einstein inspires other people by showing that anyone can do something if they work hard.  

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