Albert Lee

by Simeon Hwang from Woodbridge, Ontario in Canada

I consider Teacher Albert Lee a personal hero who not only shaped me up well in my upbringing, but a lot of people in their lives. He is a counselor and a youth leader at the church I go to. There are many ways he contributes to the society around him. He puts out a good example for everyone. He also helps a lot of people going through tough times with counseling. Another notable thing he can do is be able to read emotions, so he can help you with the situation you are put into. Firstly, he is a great role model.

            Teacher Albert acts in a way that everyone wants to be like in the long term. He makes sure he acts well not only privately, but also in front of people. Teacher Albert does this so people will see his actions and be influenced by them, especially the teens, as he believes that they can have attitudes as they are hitting puberty. He speaks very fluently and with clarity. This shows people that he is confident in what he believes or says, and that he will not turn his back on his judgement despite doubts people can throw upon him. This aspect is helpful for expressing his Christian faith. He maintains a very calm and kind manner in hopes that when people see, they will also want to be kind towards others. In spite of all these actions, Teacher Albert does not have to be a good example to be helpful towards others.

            Teacher Albert Lee has helped many people through rough patches. Most of his work to make people feel better is done by counseling. The topics he covers with people has a very wide range. It can be as little as feeling bad for stealing candy, or as large as a very corrupt marriage. When someone feels bad about something or has low self-esteem, he will stand by them and say encouraging words. When you feel guilty because of a wrong action, he will confront the action, tell you what to do about the fault in the future, and encourage you, saying you can change and become better. What makes him so clever when he talks to people is that he can counter any question you throw at him, easy or hard. These are many good actions, but I do not recall seeing him do anything wrong.

            Teacher Albert is someone who rarely does a vain action. He does not snitch on people, and will keep a thought secret if you want it to be confidential. Also, he is not a faker. He does not fake any emotions. When something is wrong, he will express concern and not pretend to feel sorry for you. What helps him to be a good person is his strong faith in Jesus Christ. Since he has studied the Bible and went through many experiences to strengthen his belief in God, he really tries to maintain a healthy Christian life. Of course, as he is human, he does make mistakes. He will admit his mistakes, but it is never anything extremely shameful.

            All in all, I do believe that Teacher Albert Lee is a big influence on me, my life and my actions. I know that I am not the only one who is intrigued by his actions, as he helps many people. He is a very good mentor, both in terms of his actions and in terms of how he helps people with counseling. He also hardly commits any grievance. This is why I perceive Teacher Albert Lee as a true hero figure.

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