Al was a mentor to all of us who followed him into the Fire Service, both as a Firefighter, Paramedic, and example. Quiet, smart, funny, brave, knowledgeable, I could go on forever. Never seen him get flustered, angry, violent. He worked for the busiest Fire Dept, in the most violent city in America throughout the late 70's to the early 2000's. He was a Marine, a father, a husband and a grandfather. I admired him, learned from him, played ball with him, fought fire with him, saved countless lives with him, and I loved him. He earned the "Medal of Valor" for saving one of our own. In his career, he answered (approx) 20 to 30,000 911 requests. We were BUSY!! He retired from both the Inglewood and Los Angeles County Fire Dept's.

Albert Williams

by MATTHEW ALVERSON from Menifee, California in United States

My Hero Needs A Hero

What does a hero do, when his hero needs a hero?

As he lies in a convalescent home, with reparations zero.

He's not just my hero, he's many others too,

What do you do for him, when there's nothing you can do?

Send my love? My sympathy? Do nothing at all?

Go see him and shed a tear, or drop a dime and call?

How is this a fitting end? How is this his fate?

Where the hell is mercy? Why does he have to wait?

My hero needs a hero, 6 long months have passed;

Certainly you've heard our pleas,how much must we all ask?

With all you divine mercy, your so quick to brag about;

Why are we again ignored, Our hero's soul in doubt?

My hero needs a hero, not one more day should pass;

Before his soul is taken home, ending his pain at last.

Why can't you just do your job? Get off your lazy XXX.

My hero needs a hero, step in and let him pass!

Matt Alverson 13Feb2019

A tribute to my "brother" Al Williams, a silent, soft spoken man with a love for all mankind. Always willing to lend a hand, an ear, his time. You don't deserve the fate you have been given; another testament to our God's "Loving Hand". If it was with in my power, I would gladly take your place. I miss you....

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Retired after 20 years as a Firefighter/Paramedic for both the City of Inglewood, CA and the County of Los Angeles Fire Dept's. So far, I've had both knees and shoulders replaced, and would gladly take a full body replacement if it was offered. Kept busy working for the VA part time in their Spinal Cord Institute in LaJolla Ca and with my 17 grandchildren and 2 greatgrandsons.