Albert Einstein

by Dave from New York

Albert Einstein was a very heroic person to everyone. Albert Einstein was a hero because he proved many things that everyone thought were not true. For example, when you look at a clock it's not the real time. It’s a fraction of a second earlier than what you see.

Albert Einstein was born in March 1879 in Ulm, Germany. He was poor and lived in a poor house with his poor parents. Albert Einstein had many problems in school. For example, in school, his teachers were telling and teaching the children wrong information. Albert always told them or said this cannot be right. His teachers got very upset with him.

During his life, Albert Einstein faced many challenges. For example, Albert had a problem getting into college. He could not get into college because his teachers gave bad reports about him to the colleges. None of the schools were interested in him anyway. But he found the perfect college, a science college, where he could learn physics and science. He learned a lot of scientific information like physics and mathematics. He did very well in that college.

Albert Einstein had many characteristics. Three of them were that he was an inventor; he invented E=MC 2 which adds up to a very big explosion. He was also very scientific. He figured out that light curves when it hits a massive object. He was also a pacifist. That means that he did not want to use science to kill soldiers.

Albert Einstein contributed to the world through science and inventions. He thought up new ideas for science that everyone uses today in math, physics and chemistry. For example, when you turn on a lamp, the light hits a massive object, bounces off of the object and curves. These are some of the contributions that Albert Einstein made to the world. That is how Albert Einstein was heroic during his life.

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