by Gaukhar Kekilova from Ureki in Georgia

When my smaller son, Aldiyar, was 3 years old, we learned about his condition. It was autism spectrum disorder. I think for every parent it is horrible to hear that their baby can't a live normal life, will never feel himself healthy, will never feel life with all its wonderful colors! It stressed me and I started to search for any ways to help my son. I couldn't believe that there was no decision about autism as different specialists told us. They told us that there are different ways for adaptation in society, but he will never be normal... But in deep of my heart I was sure that there is no disease without the way to solve it. And after a few attempts to find real specialists, who really knew how they could help us, fortunately I've found the great team of specialists who have been getting great results. From that meeting my life began changing, even now we work with them. Furthermore they have been teaching me to change my son's condition by changing myself. During 3 years, step by step, we worked on the difficult problems of autism and have got great results! From a nonspeaking, autonomic, weak autistic epileptic child, without any skills, he has grown into a strong conscious boy, who doesn't accept formal treatment and we are in process to give him perfect speech due to the neurophysiologic regular pathways in the brain. Further I will share about our development.

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My name is Gaukhar. I'm mother of two wonderful boys-7 and 5 years old. Smaller has autism. I want to share here about our life experiences. How we are finding the solutions of bio- phsyho- and social questions. How my boy has changed my life and lifes of his relatives.