Young Heroes

Alex Scott

by Eugene from Dublin, Ohio

I think that a hero is someone who can do things for other people, one who puts others in front of themselves. A hero to me thinks of ways to help people around them, like someone who donates to a hospital, or gives to a homeless shelter. Heroes are selfless and humble. I think a good example of that is Alexandra Scott.

Alex was a young girl, and a patient with neuroblastoma cancer. She could barely walk, but she kept going. Alex opened a lemonade stand in order to help other kids to fight cancer. She sold lemonade for 50¢, but people started giving 5s, 20s, and more dollars. She has raised $1,000,000 dollars for cancer before she died on August 1, 2004. She was an inspiration for many, and she saved lives with her money. Her foundation still raises millions of dollars around the world.

That is a true act of heroism. Thank you for letting me teach you about the cancer hero, Alex Scott.  


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