Alexander Graham Bell

by Savannah from Kazakhstan

118684Bellgoogle imagesDo you know what makes a person a hero? I decided  that the most important things are to not give up and to have love. Alexander Graham Bell never gave up trying to make the first telephone. A hero also needs to have love. Alexander Graham Bell had love and wanted the world to be better. Maybe with this information you can be the world’s next hero!

Alexander was a nice man who wanted people’s lives to be easier. He invented the telephone which made people’s lives easier. Alexander also taught deaf people. This helped make children and adults lives easier. Alexander also made a breathing machine. This helps people breathe.

Alexander Graham Bell was born in 1847, in Scotland. His mother was almost deaf which was hard for Alexander. In 1868 Alexander was a teacher at a deaf school. Also in 1868 his father travelled through the USA giving  lectures and also sadly during that year his two brothers died from tuberculosis. He was sick as well so his family moved from Scotland to Canada and his parents hoped that the weather would be better there. In 1872 after Alexander got better he moved to Boston and shortly after that he got married to Mabel Hubbard. In 1876 after working on the telephone all day Bell and Watson were in different rooms when Watson said on the telephone, “Bell come here I want to see you,” and it worked! Sadly, in 1922 Alexander Graham Bell died.

118685Bellgoogle imagesI think that the most important thing about Bell’s life was inventing the telephone and it was so useful that we still use it today. One of the most biggest challenges that Alexander faced was that when he was younger his mother was almost deaf and it was very hard for Alexander. Imagine talking to your mother and her almost ignoring you.

118690Bellgoogle images 

Alexander Graham Bell was a nice man and an amazing role model. Without him no one else would have been brave enough to invent anything else. So the next time you pick up a telephone, just remember who made it.




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