Alexander Hamilton

by Elijah C. from Montvale, New Jersey in United States

What do all the $10 bills have in common? They all have a Founding Father’s face named Alexander Hamilton’s on it! Alexander Hamilton had many successful accomplishments, even though he faced many problems growing up. He was determined to help the world.

Alexander Hamilton had a typical childhood. He was born on January 11th, 1755, on an island called Nevis. His parents were not married to each other. When Hamilton was about 15, he went to school in New York City. Then, he went and studied at King’s College (Columbia University). He was introduced to George Washington and served him as a lieutenant colonel from 1777-1781. He married Elizabeth Schuyler and had 8 children.  

The Founding Father had many achievements. One of his many achievements was signing the constitution of New York. He worked at a beer place where lots of his allies would go and drink and talk about their plans and Hamilton would report back to Washington on what he heard. He wanted to have banks in America. He supported the new Constitution. With the help of James Madison and John Jay, he wrote a series of essays in its defense. They were signed “The Federalist”. In 1796, John Adams was elected president and then in 1800, Thomas Jefferson ran against him and Aaron Burr running with him. However, both got the same number of votes and Hamilton mistrusted Burr so he voted for Jefferson in 1800. Then in 1804, Hamilton prevented Aaron Burr from being Governor of New York. Burr was angry and challenged Hamilton to a duel and Hamilton accepted. On July 11th, 1804, Hamilton and Burr faced each other in Weehawken on the Jersey shore by the Hudson River. The first shot wounded Hamilton and he died the next day.

At age 15, Alexander Hamilton started as just serving George Washington to accomplishing many achievements. He had helped our country by defending the Constitution which we have today. Alexander Hamilton served George Washington, but also served our country.

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