Alexandra Alexander

by Lavern DeLima from Jamaica, Queens, New York in United States

"I choose to save lives."

139520Super Nurse My photos139518Graduation DayMy photos139517Nursing SchoolMy photosAlexandra is a hardworking, kind-hearted young woman. I watch her work endless hours in the hospital patient intake in the emergency room area. While she was attending nursing school, I watched her studying at work wherever she went. She was studying because she said, "I want to be nurse so I can take care others." She is not only so kind to her family and friends, Alexandra is there for anyone who needs her. She is currently an RN working in ER. She fighting every day to save the Cov -19 patients and others. Still working endless hours not having enough gear are her concerns, but she still goes in to fight the fight. She recently lost her significant other to heart attack two weeks ago, and she still continues to go to work with her heart heavy, not only from her loss but also from all the patients. I know all these things because she calls me we FaceTime on whatever little break she gets, and I tell her I'm praying for her and all of our first responders. She is a hero to bare all this at 27 years old. She has worked so hard, and she is kind-hearted and giving. She works to take care not only herself but also other family members who are not so fortunate.

Alexandra is a Hero!!!!!

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I'm an N.Y.C. Social Worker, and I help people every day as well. I love my job even when it's challenging. I go everyday. Knowing that I'm helping someone or giving them tools to help change their  lives