Alexandra Eshmanova

by Ann Besedina from Russia

131139Alexadra EshmanovaCrimeaMy aunt's name is Alexandra Eshmanova. She is 67 years old. She has worked 46 years at our school as a primary school teacher.

Unfortunately, she didn't teach me when I was little, because I had another teacher. But when my friends were kids, their teacher was my aunt.

Now they remember her and speak about her as a good and fair teacher. When I couldn't do my homework, I asked her for help and she didn't say no. There were cases when she saw that the child does not understand something and she offered help. She is a very kind and sincere person.

Students who have finished our school never forget to congratulate her on the first of September with the Teacher's day and other holidays. My aunt was awarded for her work at school and for being a good teacher.

Now my aunt hasn't been working at school for 3 years. She's retired . But all the teachers and students will always remember her in our school. I'm very proud of her.

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