Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

by David Villegas from El Monte, California in United States

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or as she is more commonly known, “AOC,” is my hero for a plethora of reasons. For starters, she grew up from such humble beginnings, having to work her way up by working hard and doing the work many would reject. For several years, she worked as a bartender, and as a woman that is not the easiest thing to do. Most women bartenders would tell you that they have to deal with an immeasurable amount of sexism and inappropriate cat calling from men, who in this circumstance are loyal customers to an establishment. In other words, the bosses of these bars allow for this to happen and any workers opposed to it would just be shown kindly to the door.

Despite all of this, AOC defied all odds by defeating a Democratic juggernaut. Her primary race in New York’s 14th district was a long shot by all standards. She was facing an incumbent with decades of experience and all of the funding a political candidate could ask for. Her opponents told her she didn’t have a chance, she should just give up and go back to her day job. Fighting through her opponents' words and actions, she still ran a grassroots campaign that accepted no dark money from special interest groups such as fossil fuel industries. Her victory not only showed bravery and courage, but it also showed the amount of persistence she carries. Her persistence to fight for what she stands for such as a living wage for workers, racial equality, and the ending of homelessness is unfathomable. This persistence that she carries herself with is what inspires me to be the person I am and believe in for a brighter future.

After being elected, AOC was the clear target by just about everyone: conservatives, right wing media, Fox News, etc. Even people from her own party such as Nancy Pelosi had some issues with her early on. The point is, she had a huge target on her back and every miniscule action or word she said would be interrogated and carefully scrutinized. This did not bother AOC; she never laid down in defeat and went on to introduce revolutionary legislation, such as the Green New Deal and a federal minimum wage increase. Both these pieces of legislation would put unemployed folks back to work and end poverty for over a million Americans. She is just one person, but she has already made such a strong positive impact in the world. Her leadership has inspired so many women and men across the country to fight for the values we all can hold close. 


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