Muhammed Ali

by Ryan Lavigne

You think the world was shocked when Nixon resigned?

In this day and age when we think of heroes we think of the guy who hit the game winning homerun or someone who scored the game winning touchdown with 1 second left. But a real sports hero is someone who realizes how much success him or her has and goes and helps there community or event the world. In Muhamed Ali’s case it was more then just his community he helped. Ali helped countries all over the world and continues to do so still today

Cassius Clay (Ali’s name at the time) grew up in Louisville, Kentucky when it was still part of the segregated south. This shows just how much harder it was for Ali to be successful in anything he did. Boxing was the only thing Ali did all his teenage years. He never once had a job. Right after Muhammed Ali one the heavy weight championship he told the world he was Muslim and changing his name to Muhammed Ali. Now the thing that I think which really makes Ali a hero is when the Vietnam War was escalating he stood up for what he believed in. When he was called to the armed forces he refused to go to the war. Ali said, “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Vietcong…”

To this day Ali still makes a huge difference in peoples lives. He donates lots and lots of money and helps wherever he can. He helped so much he was awarded a Messenger of piece award from the United Nations. Muhammad Ali now suffers from a disease, which makes you shake uncontrollably its called Parkinson’s. It’s very sad to see one of the greatest boxers and heroes of all time suffer like he is.

If Muhammad Ali were in The Heroes Trail he would be in the section a hero to people near and far. I think Ali would fit this section well because he has helped so many people all around the world. He has donated millions of dollars of food and water in countries in Africa and Asia and raised 50 million dollars for charities in the United States. All this donating and helping makes him a hero near and far.

After researching Ali I have realized how much bigger he was then the Ali we know. He just wasn’t an ordinary boxer. Muhammad was something special. Ali was a black Muslim who was against the war. (a huge minority) He is one of those few people who really stood up for what he believed in. That is why I think Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest all time in the ring and out of it.

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