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by Isaure MICHEL from Caen in France

Hey everyone ! I want to share with you who my hero is. Alice Partridge can be considered a hero. She is a really young woman of 17 years old from Dubaï. I met this incredible girl last year at school in England during my year abroad. She's now a friend of mine. Alice did so many things to make everyone's life better.

First of all, she was peer supporter. This is a kind of "délégué de classe" in French but it's for the whole year group. She had to be there for anyone in need. She was full of kindness and always had good tips. She listened to people. She was so nice. She could dedicate all her free time to helping others. She did a lot of sport, she was stunning, she was fit. She could run for hours without feeling tired. Alice had a lot of friends, basically she was friend with everyone at school.

Last summer, she went to Malawi. It's a really poor country. She helped young children to go to school, she helped to build the country. She took part in a charity. She was in Malawi for one month, she was really helpful, courageous and hardworking.

Alice had talents, she could paint and draw. She was also a drama student, she worked twice for a theater in London.

Now, Alice is one of the 10th prefects at school. Prefect are elected by teachers and the head master. They are the kind of "perfect students" everyone in the school has to follow whose track. She really deserves this. She inspires me so much. She's amazing. Full of intelligence. She had the power to make gossip stop.

We discovered two days ago that she was suffering of cancer. This is the most terrible thing because she had everything to be happy. She told me "Nevermind, I am going to be alright, it's just a question of time. Don't worry I will survive! This is my new fight. If I lose I will die but no regrets. I did my best for greater good". She is humble and brave, she has achieved a lot of things. I am proud of her. Thanks to her, I will fight for what she started. 

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