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Read about the woman who is raising appreciation for women in STEM and awareness on hate crimes against Asian Americans. 

Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya

by Leilani Wetherell from Livermore, California in United States

The more we fail, the better. It means we’re experiencing new things. Experimenting. Learning. We’re allowing ourselves to be more curious and ultimately training ourselves to fail, so we fail faster and can bring it back around to a brilliant solution more efficiently.

You need to find the freedom to fail.

      Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya (pronounced PING-bodee-bak-ee-ah) is a woman of many talents. Not only does she specialize in art and science, but she uses her talents to fight issues going on in our current world. Amanda is a 29-year-old former neuroscience student from Colombia University, who has turned into a full-time artist, educator and advocator. She is passionate about the importance of STEM and women's involvement in the field. Using her background of science, she explores new ideas and and findings in her exhibitions. 

     Amanda is the creator and curator of several branches of her specialty. Through her various experiments and breakthroughs, she was able to create multiple projects such as Beyond Curie, the "I Still Believe" project, and ATOMIC by Design. Beyond Curie celebrates and shares the amazing breakthroughs women have made in the STEM field, inspiring others to do the same. It serves as a message for equality and motivation to show the power women have. Phingbodhipakkiya's exhibition "I Still Believe" works with the Human Rights Commission to fight the violent hate crimes against Asian Americans in communities. She uses this art and collaboration of her previous science skills to celebrate everything Asian Americans do for our city and society. ATOMIC by Design incorporates her background of science once more, using the periodic elements to create an entire clothing line that shows girls' appreciation for STEM. 

     Overall, Amanda is a queen of all trades. She is an expert in not only science and art, but the community, and pays attention to key issues rising. She is a trailblazer who inspires young girls and women to do what they love and show they can not only do what a man is doing, but do it just as well, if not better. Phingbodhipakkiya works to make her city a better place, and spread the word through her talents. 

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