by Janathen from Mass.

When people think of heroes, they immediately think of Batman or Superman. Well not me.

I think of my Auntie Stacey. She's my hero.

The reason why I think of my Auntie Stacey is because out of all the people I know, she understands me the most. A hero to me is someone who is always there for you. This is why my Auntie Stacey is my hero.

The things Stacey does for me are great. If I do well in school, she rewards me by buying things I want. And she doesn’t only do this for me; she does this for other family members, too. If I get bad grades on my report cards, she prints school worksheets on her computer and I do them every Saturday and Sunday. Even though it's torture, it shows how much she cares.

Aunt Stacey inspires me for the things she does. One time, she bought toys and hung them on the wall without opening them. I liked the idea so much, thatI thought would try. But when I tried, I only lasted two weeks. There are some toys Stacey even today has not opened.

But the most wonderful thing that Stacey did was not only for me, but for me and my twin. She and my uncle teamed up to take us to New York. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have gone until I could take myself.

Stacey is a child in an adult body. And I’m saying this because most adults don’t watch cartoons unless they are watching it with kids. Well, Stacey is the only person I know who still plays games, watches cartoons and reads the comics. This is probably why Stacey gets along with every youngster in the family.

But the main reason why Aunt Stacey is my hero is because she treats everyone in her family like they were her own children. To my twin and me, she’s like the father we never had. This is why Stacey is my hero.

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