Angela Duenas

by Jaylean P from Ontario , California in United States

"To succeed you need to believe." 

    Heroes are helpful people that don’t put up with negativity. They help with any problems that make you want to give up. They are also very inspiring and very nice. A hero has a contagious smile that makes you smile. A hero would do anything to make you happy.

        My mom Angela had a great life. She had both parents in her home. Angela's dad inspired her to do many things to make her happy and make her grateful for what she had. Angela's childhood was great because she had 2 siblings, a brother and sister. She had a great relationship with her family and friends. She also says that she had a perfect childhood. Her parents were so sweet. Angela cared for her siblings when her parents went to run some errands. Since Angela's dad inspired her and made her happy now she knows how to care, inspire, and make me happy from the abilities that her dad taught her on being a caring person.

       Being called a hero makes Angela feel special and lets her know she's doing her job as a mother right. She also feels very thankful, grateful, and happy. Angela’s hero is her dad because he has taught her to accept her lifestyle and he let her do whatever she wanted as long as it helped her make good choices. She also thought that her dad was super sweet and cared for anyone and didn’t let negativity get to him.

        Many challenges have came to Angela, such as being a teen mom and having to care for me at the age of 17. Even though she has missed out on a lot of her life, she still wanted to care for me and my siblings. Another challenge was trying to make her family happy and buying a place with a roof over our heads. Angela has overcome many difficult challenges. Those challenges have taken over her life and she still beat them. She overcame those challenges by her dad telling her she can do it and she believed.

        Angela is a hero to me because she is very inspiring and knows how to care for people. She believes that treating others the way you want to be treated is true and it makes our world peaceful with no hate. Angela also thinks that appreciating your lifestyle makes yourself know that you can do anything and believe in many things that you want to do. Angela also has contagious smile that makes people happy. Anything that I struggle on Angela is always there for me to make me feel better and encourage me to do good things. She's always making me happy and making me smile.

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