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by Teague Sangster from San Diego, California in United States

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Often times we don't recognize a hero until after they have changed the world that they lived in, deeds that can be felt for decades past there own lifetime. Whether helping with an immigration crisis or choosing to fight the odds stacked against the good, some outcomes can only be judged thereafter. Angela Merkel is the current chancellor of Germany who remonstrates the past of Germany who paves a new path for Germany and Europe as a whole. Ms.Merkel was born in Hamburg Germany and grew up in eastern Germany, where she felt as though she never lived up to her father's expectations during High School. Although her original path involved quantum chemistry, once she joined the Christian Democratic Union she started making changes from the start. Too often one mistake can set off a butterfly effect destroying entire reputations and lives, but determination in the right person can make a positive and necessary influence on the world. Angela Merkel has changed the lives of millions of the people who voted for her to the people who have felt her positive field of influence. Angela Merkel demonstrates the traits of a true hero through Determination and Just actions.

121106Deadlock breaks as Angela Merkel meets Theresa May and hails ‘good progress’ 

Ms. Merkel has been criticized for being a controversial leader in her Ideals and actions. In 2015 Ms.Merkel opened up Germany to immigration and faced the backlash. ''If Europe fails on the question of refugees, if this close link with universal civil rights is broken, then it won't be the Europe we wished for,'' Ms. Merkel said, urging the 27 other countries in the bloc to take more responsibility in offering asylum to refugees.”(New York Times) Ms.Merkel continued to face tremendous backlash, as Germany hadn't fully agreed with her actions as a leader. By pushing through and doing what was right, an estimated 1 Million people found refuge in Germany because of her actions. Lives of people who have changed for the better because of the actions of one civil servant. Although Ms.Merkel’s actions helped the lives of hundreds of thousands, some parts of Germany disagree. “This appears to be a clash between two different countries. One Germany welcomes the refugees, in line with Chancellor Merkel's principle: "We can do this!" But another Germany is nervous about the refugees, even fearful or downright angry.”( Despite criticism, Ms.Merkel was able to get her job done allowing 180,000-220,000 Immigrants to be let into Germany annually. This act is a lifeline for many immigrants, now providing new lives for people who risked their everything just to have a fresh start. Through being a determined and courageous leader Ms.Merkel was able to get her job done. By presenting a hand to immigrants during the immigration crisis Angela Merkel remonstrated the odds and fought for what was right, being a hero through her determination.


Ms.Merkel has been known to do what's right, to do what's just. After the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster, Ms.Merkel announced that she would “shut down 8 of the 17 Nuclear reactors in Germany and that the others would be shut down by 2022.”(Fallout Fears)  She continues to push for clean energy and is one of the major leaders fueling the fight against global warming. This is not what people were expecting as Ms.Merkel was very pro-Nuclear Energy before the tragedy. This change made Germany one of the major leaders in clean energy. Ms.Merkel was the right leader for the right time realizing what had to be done for her country and when. This isn't the first time Ms.Merkel stood up and did something tremendous for her people. “German Chancellor Angela Merkel has approved the country's first minimum wage, at 8.50 euros an hour (£7; $11.75), to start in 2015.” (BBC) That was BBC’s headline on April 2 2014, Angela Merkel made a stand on the wage gap putting in place Germany’s minimum wage starting in 2015. Ms.Merkel stood up for the people she works for by giving them a minimum wage. In both instances she not only stood up for the common voter but for Germany as a whole, tackling some of Germany’s most fracture problems. She continues to push for Germany and currently stands as one of the most influential chancellors Postwar Germany has had. By standing up for the middle class and doing what was right Angela Merkel demonstrates the qualities of a true hero. Angela Merkel hasn’t always been the best of leaders but she’s always known what right, what is just.

121108Is Angela Merkel Done For?https://www.nytimes.comThrough Angela Merkel’s Determination and just actions, she changed lives for the better. Angela Merkel Continues to show determination even after the refugee crisis and has made the just decisions that made Germany the country it is today. Ms.Merkel shows that even against impossible odds, judgment, and backlash we all have the ability to be a hero in our everyday lives.


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