Young Heroes

Angelia M. Nixon

by Amy from Yulee

My hero is my best friend, Angelia M. Nixon. Angelia was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of eight. She has lived her everyday life with this dreadful disease that kills. Nonetheless, she is still the sweetest and most joyful person I know. I don't know if I could deal with everything she does.

Angelia, a.k.a "Lia," doesn't let her diabetes stop her at all. She goes out and surfs, plays softball for school (The Lady Pirates) and little league. Occasionally she skateboards. Lia is an amazing softball player. I wouldn't be surprised if she got a scholarship some day. Also, she helps around her house. She is in Journalism I at our high school. She is a very busy chick.

Lia is also a Christian. She is very strong in her faith. She attends church at Northview Baptist Church in Jacksonville. Recently, on April 3, 2005, she was baptized. Now she is ready to go into the world and witness to others around her. I know it won't take her long to start spreading the word, she already has.

All in all, Lia is an amazing person. I can only say positive things about her. I hope she knows how much I admire her and everything she does. I may be older than her, but I look up to her so much. She gives me advice, and she is my best friend and my hero. I love her for it.

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