Anna Lin, the hero of the students

by Eva from Kaohsiung in Taiwan

140712Anna Lin    Anna Lin is an English Teacher in Jhengsing Junior High School. She has been teaching for 18 years. She graduated from Kaohsiung Normal University. She wanted to be a teacher because she liked children. Anna helps students with subjects that they are not good at. She helps them to understand and gives them extra support. And, she also helps with students’ emotion managements. “I want my class to be the happiest class at school!”

    Anna enjoys her job. But, she also has many good and bad days on the job. The best thing is helping students return to the right path, and being good friends with them even when they graduate. She makes friends with many of her students. That makes me feel that there is no distance between us, and we would share all of our secrets with her. I feel lucky that I’m one of her students. She makes us happy all the time. With her encouragement and support, she makes me feel confident.

    Anna makes me want to be a teacher just like her, to help every kid have their own wonderful school life! Teachers play an important part in our life. We should be thankful to our teachers that are nice to us. And, give back to them. Don’t let them be upset with us, and try our best!

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