Anna Michaelson

by Alexis Byrne from North Sioux City, South Dakota in United States

"My most memorable broadcast news experience is when I was assigned to cover a local murder trial."

 "My proudest moment is when my kids all got in a good place and were successful."

     Most people, think of their teachers as well, teachers. The mind of a teacher is so much deeper than anyone could ever imagine. The love of a teacher expands way past their heart's capacity. But teachers, though they seem strong, fall apart under pressure constantly from stress. 

     Even teachers like Anna Michaelson, an English teacher from Dakota Valley High School in South Dakota, have their ups and downs. Michaelson began her career right out of college, in 1983, as a television reporter/anchor. In an interview, she recollected on her most memorable moment as a TV reporter.  

     "My most memorable broadcast news experience is when I was assigned to cover a local murder trial," said Michaelson. "The trial took place out of town, so I was supposed to send my video by satellite to make the 6pm news, but the truck went down. So, I had to drive an hour to Minneapolis to use the satellite there, but while I was away, the verdict came down. So, my photographer recorded the court proceedings, I drove back to the court, he drove me to the airport where they chartered a plane to get me back to town, and I had to write my story on the plane without even having seen the video. I got off the plane and walked onto the live set to give my story to a live audience. What a day."

     After eight years of being a reporter, she decided to quit and be a mom. For the next 13 years she was a stay-at-home mom. Around the age of 30, she was diagnosed with depression, but she fought through it. In 2000 she moved to South Dakota and did some volunteer work with some teenagers. She fell in love with working with them, so she went back to USD for 15 months to get a certificate in teaching.  

     She has been teaching for a very long time. And I just wanted to write this, as a thank you to her, for always helping me when I need it, and for being one of the coolest teachers of all time.  

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