Essays on the Theme of Heroism

Anne Frank and Rosa Parks

by Carly from Mill Valley

In my mind, a hero is not a hero just because of one characteristic. Heroes may be people who stand up for themselves, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. They may be people who save someone else’s life out of the goodness of their heart. The hero may have made great advances in our society in the ares of medicine, science or technology. Heroes never give up. They have perseverance and great dedication to their tasks. A hero does not have to be a famous person. In fact, many real heroes aren’t. They are just ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

Anne Frank is a hero to me because she stood up for what she believed and fought for human rights. She was Jewish, like me, so I can understand how she might have felt. She tried to remain cheerful and happy throughout the Holocaust, a very difficult and sad period for many people, not just Jews. Anne did not give in, like many people. She kept fighting and that is a hero to me. Though she doesn’t know it, her writing made people really think about the way they were treating minorities.

Rosa Parks is a hero to me because she helped change the way many people thought about “blacks”. All she wanted to do was sit down and when she was denied a seat, she did not give up. Even though she was arrested, she did not back down. She was basically invincible because her ideas still live on in our world today. Without her persistence, many more people might still discriminate against “blacks” and others. Who knows, they might still be sitting at the back of the bus. Rosa Parks is a hero in the category of human rights as well. She too changed people’s minds. She forced many people to realize that discrimination is bad and unfair.

Anne Frank and Rosa Parks both stood up for what they believed. They didn’t surrender, even when times got rough and the pressure was high. Both Rosa Parks and Anne Frank dared to be different. Their ideas and spirit left lasting impressions in many people’s minds and hearts. Because of these lasting accomplishments, these women are heroes in my mind.

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