Annie Bartosz

by Samantha Budney, Natasa Zuza, and Autumn Hackett from the United States

“I believe my brother would be proud of me and, though he may not be by my side, he will be in my heart forever. I believe in Gold in September”



Born in Hartland, Wisconsin, Annie Bartosz had a happy childhood with her family and her twin brother Jack. She believed she would forever have her brother and her sidekick by her side. In 2012, two weeks before their birthday, Jack was diagnosed with pediatric cancer, neuroblastoma, which is an aggressive cancer that is commonly found in the adrenal glands of children. As Jack’s condition worsened his family never saw him to be a sick child, but rather only happy. His parents said that it was nothing he couldn’t fight against and defeat.

118864Annie & Jack Bartosz watched her twin brother Jack battle cancer for seven years. When Jack passed away at only 10 years old, Annie decided to take action. She founded the Gold in September Project in late 2012, also known G9. G is for gold that represents the national color for childhood cancer. Nine represents the night month, for September. Annie was determined to turn the entire world gold in September for all children battling childhood cancer.

The mission of Gold In September is meant to raise awareness, build hope, find cures and defeat cancer nationally. Gold in September supports children from all across the world. G9 aims to unite all foundations, organizations, hospitals, clinics, and everyday people who are touched by this movement and are willing to take a stand by making a difference.

118865Aaron Rodger & Annie Bartosz’s success with Gold in September has earned support nationally from all over the world for their hard work, dedication and devotion. She touched so many nationally for being brave. Just recently, Aaron Rodgers (quarterback of the Green Bay Packers) featured Annie Bartosz and Gold in September on an episode of It’s Aaron.

At a baseball game this year, G9 was featured. The Milwaukee Brewers and their opponent the Washington Nationals wore gold ribbons on their jerseys to host a Childhood Cancer Awareness Day nationwide by Major League Baseball in support of Gold in September. They also wore gold wristbands as part of their uniforms.

On May 2, 2017 the Women and Girls Fund of Waukesha County awarded Annie Bartosz the Young Woman of Tomorrow Award. She was one of the five women honored at the 33rd Annual Women of Distinction Luncheon. More than 500 guests attended. At the end of Annie’s speech, the Women and Girls Fund donated $1,000 in Annie’s name to the Gold in September Project for her commitment with G9.

118866Gold in September of the Gold in September Project is the G9 Penny Wars. The Penny Wars is a week-long competition run by schools to inspire youth philanthropy, leadership and social entrepreneurship to help raise money for childhood cancer. Pennies are added to jars to raise money. Dollars or other coins can be added to other jars to subtract points from their competition. Pennies add one point, nickels subtract five points, dimes subtract ten points, quarters subtract twenty-five points and dollar bills subtract one hundred points.

The competition is currently on-going until April 1, 2018. Last year G9 penny wars raised more than $42,000 from 28 schools nationwide consisting of more than 26,000 students. For the 2017-2018 fundraising competition G9’s goal is to involve 75,000 students at 75 schools nationally to help all children survive childhood cancer.

Through so many years of watching her twin brother battle cancer and having undergone various surgeries, Annie aspires to become a pediatric surgeon. A tribute behind the Gold in September for her brother and all children battling cancer. Even though, Annie couldn’t help her twin brother, she wants nothing more but to help the future generations in pursuit of fighting cancer. As Annie grew older, she became invested in wanting to help the children of the future.

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