by Kirill Z from Montvale, New Jersey in United States

130161ArchimedesthoughtcoDid you know about this guy named Archimedes who invented many things? Well, his name is Archimedes! He was a great inventor and a hero to his hometown, Syracuse. He created great war machines, such as the Archimedes claw or the burning mirrors. 

Archimedes was a great inventor. He was born around 287 BC in Syracuse, Sicily and died around 212 BC at age 75 In his hometown. He was a astronomer, scientist, mathematician. But he most known for being an inventor. 

Archimedes invented many things and found out many things. Here are some of them.  He created the Archimedes principle, The Archimedes screw, hydrostatics, levers and infinitesimals. Some weapons he invented are the Archimedes claw, the steam cannon, burning mirrors, and catapults. However you probably know him because of the Eureka incident. Once he filled a tub with water for a bath. He sat down and water spilled from the tub. He yelled ¨Eureka!¨. At that moment Archimedes had found out about volume. This really helped in the future for everyone. This is one of the reasons Archimedes is a hero. If you are wondering what the Archimedes claw, the burning mirrors, or steam cannons are? Well the burning mirrors are basically used to burn ships. Light shines off the mirrors and BOOM! A burning ship. An Archimedes claw flips over ships and a steam cannon fires steam, using a fire under it. 

So now you know about Archimedes. Also you know about some stuff that his machines did.  He also was a hero to the future in many ways, including discovering volume.


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