Ari Fleischer

by Megan from Fredericksburg

What is a hero? A hero is someone who goes beyond what is asked or expected of them in a selfless manner for the good of someone else. A hero has qualities such as kind, caring, loving, ambitious, and courageous. They can overcome obstacles and work hard at everything they do, as well as they work in strive and take a challenge. Ari Fleischer is just that if you ask me. He takes hits for those of whom he speaks for, from those who have no right to do so. He made his life into something and has made a life for himself with many accomplishments.

Lawrence Ari Fleischer, born in 1960, in Pound Ridge, New York, a suburban neighborhood near New York City. His father worked as an executive recruiter, and his mother worked in computer programming at IBM. As a boy, he went to school at Fox Lane High School, where he was the elected class president two of his four years. While in high school Ari also was a gymnast that was in the top of his school, also playing on the baseball team. Ari grew up in a Democratic family who held their beliefs strongly, they were later shocked in life when after attending law school at Middlebury College Ari chose to become a Republican rather than a democrat following the family foot step.

“Well, I thought I had enough academics. The idea of going to school for another three years did not appeal to me. I loved college. I enjoyed the coursework but I had enough of it. And I just — I've always enjoyed politics. I've enjoyed the chance to go work for the government. And so I moved to Washington after that campaign, (a campaign for senator Dominci) was over and got a job as a press secretary for a Congressman on the Hill, a New York Republican, and that was it; I got the bug.” a quote from Ari himself explaining his career choice. As you can see above he did like what he was doing Ari, still today, gets excited about his work. Sure he has rough days where people punch him in the stomach with their questions but he always prevails. Ari is part of George Bush’s Republican Party, and after September 11th, took on the worst possible job one could have during the time. Even though it was an emotional time for the country and he out of many was affected by the attacks he faced the nation and stayed strong while representing the president and trying to help the nation understand what was going on by answering their questions. “It would be a hard-hearted newsman who didn't feel just the slightest twinge of sympathy for White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer Wednesday night as he took the withering first wave of Washington's latest 9/11-related feeding frenzy. The one with the chilling subtext so gleefully summed up by the New York Post Thursday morning.” said Mark Wilson of the New York Post.

Ari Fleischer, at age forty began serving as the official speaker between the White House and members of the media, acting as the primary spokesman for President George Bush. Delivering the daily White House briefing, and attending many meeting with the president and the many members of his staff is what his day mainly consist of. Fleischer served as press secretary for Senator Pete Dominici from 1989-1994 and later as spokesman for the House Ways and Means Committee. Before he joined the campaign of then-Governor Bush in the fall of 1999, he served as communications director for Elizabeth Dole's presidential campaign.

As you can see he doesn’t have the easiest job, and no it’s not the hardest, but he works in strife to keep the nation going and to keep them informed. Ari Fleischer is my hero because he takes the front lines of the nation and the press each and everyday and speaks for the most important person in the country. He is kind and respectful of everyone and what they have to say while he takes and stand and shares the opinion and news of the president.

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