Arnold Schwarzenegger

by Kevin from Ventura

Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up in the small isolated village of Graz, Austria. He was encouraged by his father at a young age to participate in some kind of athletics. It wasn't until he was 15 that he discovered weightlifting. And by the age of 20 was awarded the Mr. Universe title. He later won 13 world body building records. Arnold became a U.S citizen in 1983 and currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Maria Shriver and their three children, Katherine, Christina and Patrick.

The time influences what he should play in a movie as a hero because it is always changing. He has had to change the type of roll he changes because of the different ways that society feels at the time.

He contributes to society buy doing a lot of fundraisers and helping children after school. He participates in a lot of charities and supports a lot of programs. He also stars in movies and entertains the public with his acting skills to please the people.

He represents a person with integrity and honesty. He supports a lot of things so he is caring and loving. He also represents the value of skill and determination to achieve skills.

I am most impressed with he kindness and caring for other people and mostly youth. He does a lot to make sure everyone has a good childhood and helps them anyway he can. He also makes so pretty funny movies because of his style of acting and how it is different to so many other peoples.

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