Using Art to Inspire Poetry Lesson Plan

A poem based on a picture or piece of artwork is called Ekphrasis.

Using Art to Inspire Poetry
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Using Artwork to Inspire Poetry:

A poem based on a picture or work of art is called an ekphrasisAccording to the Poetry Foundation website:

“An ekphrastic poem is a vivid description of a scene or, more commonly, a work of art. Through the imaginative act of narrating and reflecting on the ‘action’ of a painting or sculpture, the poet may amplify and expand its meaning.”

Poetry Foundation


For inspiration, start by sharing the following poems and the artwork that inspired each poem:

     The Starry Night by Anne Sexton/The Starry Night painting by Vincent Van Gogh

     Hotel Room by Victoria Chang/ Hotel Room painting by Edward Hopper

     Cezanne's Ports by Allen Ginsberg/The Gulf of Marseilles Seen from L’Estaque’ by Paul Cezanne

     The Great Wave: Hokusai by Donald Finkel/The Great Wave off Kanagawa painting by Katsushika Hokusai

     Nighthawks by Anne Carson/Nighthawks by Edward Hopper


Student Activity:

Students choose a piece of artwork. This can be art found on the internet or in combination with a trip to a local art museum.

Using that art, students write an original poem.

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