art of healing

by Odile Dewar from United States

Artistic Balms ( English version )

A leaf lyrically landed 

On my  woeful open wounds 

Scarlet from the blood shed 

On a winter morning Hood 


My captive heart capsized 

Facing fragility 

With chromatic contours 

On an iridescent springtime 


A plush palette of words 

Handed me its colors 

To erase with verses 

Pain , sorrow, bitterness


The world has opened up

With aromas of light 

Deeply nestled within

Trails of luscious lilacs 


Wars have finally succumbed 

To the prayers of Earth 

Bathed in hallowed echos, 

dust of symphonic stars,

Sprinkled by pale clouds 

Spinning in the thin air 


Children smiled at the sea 

Their candid gaze lost in 

Cerulean blue waves 

Drawing a tomorrow 

Inspired by yesterday 


Sacred shades , sounds and scents

Miraculously merged 

To weave gold healing threads

So close to recover 

Odile  Dewar  3/24/2023 


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