Art of Healing: Picking a Direction

by derek thomas dew from manchester, New Hampshire in United States

Picking a Direction


To declare, you make sure to be received

At the moment your mean streak ripens to delirium

As if the silence had been a preemptive rebuttal.


To lie down, you try but the puzzle never happens

Each iteration of yourself hyperextends

There’s no one to join.


Because to recover, you send your numerousness

Out into the cold to greet the moment

That demands your oneness address its debt.               


And that’s perpetuity:

To view a place while zoomed in from far away

Creates a stifling compression.  


Derek Thomas Dew

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Author Info



Derek Thomas Dew's debut poetry collection “Riddle Field” received the 2019 Test Site Poetry Prize from


the Black Mountain Institute/University of Nevada.  My poems have appeared in a number of


anthologies, and have been published in a variety of journals, including Interim, Twyckenham


Notes, The Maynard, The Curator, Two Hawks Quarterly, Tempered Runes Press, and Cathexis

Northwest Press.


            Many thanks for your time and consideration.  Hope this message finds you well.


Ever thine,

             Derek Thomas Dew
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             169 Eastern ave.  Manchester, NH, 03104

             (541) 510-1256