"Artivists" Joanne Tawfilis and Fauzia Minallah

Joanne Tawfilis and Fauzia Minallah were both born on November 25. Hailing from different countries and cultures, the women's important work overlaps, helping the overlooked children of the world create empowering artwork.

Joanne Tawfilis and Fauzia Minallah
Credit: MY HERO


Fauzia Minallah

By: Shannon Luders-Manuel
Fauzia Minallah is a Pakistani "artivist" with a passion for peacebuilding and protecting the environment.

Joanne Tawfilis

By: Shannon Luders-Manuel
Joanne Tawfilis is the co-founder of the Art Miles Mural Project, an organization that brings people together through collective murals.

Fauzia Minallah

By: Joanne Tawfilis

Joanne's 2009 story about Fauzia.

Fauzia and Joanne accepting the Ron Kovic Peace Prize

Ron Kovic, Fauzia Minallah and Joanne Tawfillis on the Peace Prize

Produced by:MY HERO
Ron Kovic, Fauzia Minallah and Joanne Tawfillis on the Kovic Peace Prize 2010.

Fauzia's Mural for Joanne's Art Miles Mural Project

Pakistan - Art Miles Mural -design Fauzia Minallah

By: Fauzia Minallah

All the shapes were cut out from different colored cotton cloth. These pieces were put together like a jigsaw puzzle with christian children in a shanty town of Islamabad.

Fauzia's Films

Let them Bloom

Produced by:Fauzia Minallah

A simple prayer for peace with beautiful illustrations. Winner of the Ron Kovic Peace Prize.

Iqra - Read (A Prayer for the Girls of Afghanistan and Pakistan)

Produced by:Fauzia Minallah
This film promotes the education of the girl child in Afghanistan and Pakistan through Mural Art.

Amai & Sadako's Prayer

Produced by:ANT Hiroshima
Amai the bird of light takes her friends on an exciting adventure where they learn about Hope, forgiveness and peace.

AMAI The Bird of Light

Produced by:Fauzia Minallah from PAKISTAN
Amai wants children to know their world, love and respect it and work for making it a humane one.

A Very Special Mural

Produced by:Fauzia Minallah from PAKISTAN
The best things in life are made from the heart.

A Showcase of Fauzia's artwork (click to view)

Fauzia Minallah

By: Giselle Villatoro
Collection of Artwork

A Showcase of Joanne's Art (click to view)

Joanne Tawfilis Murals

By: Giselle Villatoro
Art Miles Mural Project

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