Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Lesson Plan

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month - a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islandersin the United States. 


Asian Pacific Heritage Month
Credit: MY HERO


In today's world, it is important for students to develop an appreciation for the contributions of Asian Pacific Americans.

MY HERO has curated a selection of films and stories appropriate for middle and high school students to start class discussions. 



UNLADYLIKE2020: Margaret Chung

Margaret Chung aka "Mike" aka "Mom Chung of the Fair Haired Bastards," was the only woman in her med school class. She advanced women's ability to serve in the armed forces.

Remember Us: An Historic Chapter at Anaheim High School

Produced by:AUHSD STUDENTS: Vanessa Diaz, Kenia Lares, Fryda Luna, Aleshia Osbor...

Remember Us documents the internment of Japanese American students at Anaheim High School. 

American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs

Produced by:Austin Wilkin/Grace Lee
Grace Lee Boggs is a 95-year-old Chinese American philosopher and activist. She's participated in a century's worth of social justice movements and she has no plans of slowing down.

Fred Korematsu: The Tool of Protest

Produced by:The Institute for Advancing Unity/The Working Group

Fred Korematsu opposed Japanese Internment camps during WWII, suffered through them, and went on to sue against the criminal records given to internment prisoners.

Nam June Paik: #1 Video Artist

Producer: Skip Blumberg

This piece is an excerpt from "Nam June Paik: Lessons from the Video Master." Created by his friend and fellow video artist Skip Blumberg.


Kamala Harris

By: Arya K
Famous for being the first South-Asian and second African American California senator, Kamala Harris is known for being unwavering in the face of opposition.

Carlos Bulosan

By: Skyler Gallarzan
Carlos Bulosan was a Filipino novelist who moved to the United States at a young age.

Maya Lin

By: Grace Turner from Cairo
Maya Lin is the architect of the Vietnam Memorial as well as many works of art.

Helen Zia

By: Hannah from San Diego
Helen Zia is an Asian American journalist, scholar and activist for human rights.

Amy Tan

By: Erin from Spokane
Amy Tan is a novelist and advocate of Lyme disease research.

Eddie Aikau

By: Jon from Pukalani, Hawaii
Eddie Aikau was a Hawaiian surfer and the first-ever lifeguard at Waimea Bay on Oahu. He saved over 500 lives before losing his own during a rescue mission.




"Lily Yeh"
Credit: Robert Shetterly



Grace Lee Boggs

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