Alma Delia Meza Torres

by Jorge from Tampico, Tamaulipas in Mexico

My hero is my mother Alma Delia Meza Torres. My mother is a hard worker. She is the administrator of Grupo Forza Gastronomia. Here, they have a lot of services, including limousine service, taxis, and others.

She goes all around Mexico, serving food to the athletes in international competitions. My mother lets me go in the limousine, too. I love my mother’s job, but I see that it is very tiring.

My mother is a very important person in the community. When my mother goes to an event, I try to help her. I help my mother by picking up my room and helping her in the house

My father helps my mom by repairing the taxis. I notice that my mother works very hard. That's why she is my hero.

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