Essays on the Theme of Heroism

Aunt Mary-A hero through my eyes

by Jude Eamigh from Charlotte, NC

“No one is dead or dying,” are words from my Aunt Mary. These words may seem a little harsh, but the meaning is that we are able to choose between a life that is good or bad. She has showed me I have to make my life good for a cause. My hero is not only gleeful, but is a very powerful role model who loves Christ. This hero, is my Aunt Mary. Not all superheroes have to wear a costume and a mask. My Aunt Mary is more than a hero; she displays excessive generosity, amiable energy, and an encouraging heart!

My hero, Aunt Mary, has taught me so much. From her extraordinary generosity to her boundless energy, she has shown me what a hero really is and how to be one! To illustrate, every Friday she volunteers at the Arboretum in Dallas, Texas. In the Arboretum, she shows people around the gardens of captivating beauty. Right now it is one of the most premiere Arboretums in the world, with many visitors. Aunt Mary helps use God's beauty that He created as a motivation towards others! Equally important, she shared money with a less fortunate school in the Dominican Republic. Pablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” My aunt embraces these words. Her excitement of helping brothers and sisters of Christ influences others to do the same. This shows others that she is a light shining in the darkness. She constantly helps people in need; her generosity has modeled and influenced many people to be charitable towards others. In conclusion, Aunt Mary shows remarkable generosity with her kind heart, high spirits, and is constantly selfless towards others.

My hero’s encouraging heart has influenced family and friends to be overjoyed with the life God provided for us! She has encouraged us to keep going even through very tough times. Specifically, when my aunt’s and mom’s dad met his end, she was still strong and continued to support us, even when her heart was sore for the loss. No matter the circumstance, my hero is always helping us through it. In the same way, if any of our family or friends want to pursue something, Aunt Mary makes it happen. Regardless of how difficult the goal is to catch, you will achieve it when Aunt Mary is on your side. She loves lending a hand to others, no matter the mood she wants to be in. Her vibes do not affect her happiness! This is what a hero really is, waking up each morning, encouraging, lending a hand, and being there for anyone who needs it!

By observing Aunt Mary, I have discovered many things about what a hero really is. Aunt Mary is the ultimate example of a woman of courage. Her character traits, her amazing personality, and her tender-heart are all extraordinary examples of how she is a servant of God, but also a hero. I believe Aunt Mary is a hero because she conveys benevolent energy, awe inciting generosity, and her wonderful encouraging heart.


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