Axana Soltan

by Lindsay Harris from Washington D.C.

153237Axana SoltanAxana SoltanAxana Soltan is a Human-Rights Lawyer. In 2019, she has been named as one of the contenders for USA Youth Observer, one of the shortlisted finalists for Most Outstanding Youth Delegate, and selected as one of the finalists for WFUNA Young Leader of the Year 2021. Under President Obama’s Administration, Axana’s advocacy has been recognized for the White House Presidential Service Award. Axana is also the recipient of U.S. Congressional Recognition from U.S. Senator Mark Warner for demonstrating exemplary leadership, professional achievements, and commitment to human-rights.

In addition to her role as a human-rights lawyer, Soltan dedicates herself to advocating for vulnerable and marginalized communities, placing a specific emphasis on advancing women's education and championing environmental causes, including climate advocacy. 

Over the years, she has successfully implemented literacy initiatives, reaching over 6,000 rural women through her library resource center and social café in Afghanistan. Soltan's commitment extends to pioneering innovative solutions, such as the development of the first Solar-Powered Interactive Audio Instruction (IAI) program. This groundbreaking initiative utilizes photovoltaic technology to provide STEM education to women in conflict-affected and remote regions, effectively bridging the educational gap between rural and urban areas. In her mission to cultivate climate-resilient communities, Soltan employs solar-powered radios to deliver education with an environmentally conscious focus.

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