Ayda Solorzano

by Javier S from Ontario, California in United States

"If you study hard, you will be successful in life."

133951My mother, Ayda.personal photo    The way what I think what makes a hero is a good person that you can look up to. Being a hero you do not need money and fame. Even everyday people like mom or dad can be a hero. Many people have everyday hero such as firefighters or police squadrons. Choosing wrong heroes can lead you to a wrong path. So choosing a correct hero is always best

          Ayda is a very important woman in my life because she is my hero. Not only is she my hero, but my mother and I love her. She is my hero because she inspires me to do my best everyday. When I told her she is my hero she says she feels as if she is inspirational to others. She says in her childhood she was a happy child. Just like us, she has had her good and bad days. She has a very good reason for why she is my hero

            Ayda’s inspiration in life was my great grandmother. I can see why; she was very helpful. When I told Ayda she was my hero she felt she can inspire others. Ayda is very proud of having a family and her supporting job. Since she felt inspirational I asked her what advice would you give to younger people. She said to be yourself and be you, the best you.

   Ayda is very important to me and I asked her if there is anything she would like to change. She said no, she is very happy the way her life is and would never change the way it is.

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