Bonnie L. Knecht

by Amber from Phoenix

"Dear Lou,

It's been a CRAZY, but fun day…" --Entry dated, February 14, 2002

The above may look like the typical diary entry, but in fact, it is a very special journal. While most teen diaries are 'top-secret' that no one dares to read, this one is actually written to and read by a certain person. This person I consider to be my hero; Mrs. Bonnie Knecht.

An accelerated/regular biology teacher at Moon Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona, Mrs. Knecht is the ordinary teacher. She sure doesn't feel like a hero. Her love reaching out to all her students is what makes her so special. As Dr. Linda Rosness, principal of Moon Valley stated, "Mrs. Knecht is a wonderful teacher who exhibits compassion, caring and dedication to her students."

Every teenager has struggles with growing up, trying to find who they really are while still putting up with pressures from school, work, friends and peers. I was having an especially hard time with personal issues and although I tried my best to hide my pain, Mrs. Knecht could sense something was wrong. She told me in her soft, caring way that I could talk to her anytime. I appreciated the gesture but what I didn't know was that it would change my life forever.

I not onld found someone to confide in, but someone who cared. Since I express myself best through writing, I began to keep a journal, a series of letters titled, "Dear Lou" (the nickname I have for Mrs. Knecht...a story in itself.) The journal has been a comfort to me and I write everything, ranging from how my day went to the secrets hidden deep inside. Mrs. Knecht has helped me find who I really am, the me I never knew before.

Heros are very personal people. Many looking upon them would not think them such. Since Mrs. Knecht has changed my life, I consider her my hero. She has taught, and still is teaching me, how to accept what happens in life, move on, and still love in return. She has saved me from myself, something that when it is lost, it can never be returned.

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