Bruce Smith

by Jason from Anchorage

My hero is Bruce Smith. He is my hero because this was my first year playing football and he helped me get better at what I love to do.

When I first started I didn’t know much and wasn’t that good. My dad suggested that I watched Bruce on the TV and watch his “moves". After a while I started to pick up some of the main moves like the swim. The more I watched him the more I learned. One day at practice my coach asked me if I had been working on anything outside of practice. I simply replied, ” I have watched Bruce Smith.”

That year I kept getting better and better. In the second game against the “Cowboys” I had the hit of the season. As soon as I got past the tight end I saw the entire field moving to the right. Since I play on the left side I had to pursue all the way across the field. That’s not as easy as it seems. You must pursue at the depth of the deepest man. I did that and was sprinting across the field after the back, when the right side of our line broke through and turned the back around. Right when he turned around I was right underneath him. I hit him so hard I could hear the breath rush out of his lungs even over the crack of our shoulder-pads. I gave credit to Bruce Smith because I used his swim move to get past the tight end.

I also learned a new attitude for the game. Even though we were the best team in the league, I learned to play each game as if I was playing against the best team in the world. That helped me to not get cocky, although I often got a little full of myself. Almost eliminating my personal penalties (accept for clipping) and rocketing my self-confidence through the roof. If I hadn’t learned that I would be less of a player, even with the moves.

I owe a lot to Bruce, the moves, the mind, and the confidence. If I hadn’t listened to my dad that one day and watched this great d-end I might not be as great as I am today. Maybe someday I’ll be the greatest. Our coaches did a good job, but none as good as Bruce.

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